Meet Kuli Kuli Billionaire woman – could her story be true?

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A female trader, Angela Job Emodiae who is based in Jos, Plateau state with the business name: Anjees Food, has alleged that she made over 1 billion naira turnover in 2022, solely from selling kulikuli, a derivative of groundnuts eaten as snack. She also said part of the sales came from directly selling peanuts burgers.

She said her feat was accomplished through an online market platform, “Spangler Market and Vent Sq”.

Celebrating her 2022 wins and expressing her 2023 expectations, Emodiae wrote on Spangler Market and Vent Sq platform: “I hit 1 billion naira in sales year 2022 selling spicy kuli-kuli and peanut burger.

“This year 2023, I set target for myself to hit 2 billion naira in sales.

“All from this online space.”

The founder of the online market space, Mrs Purity Abhulimhen posted screenshot of her private conversation with the “billionaire”, celebrating her on the platform.

Using one of her facebook accounts Spangler World, Abhulimhen wrote on Friday “If you sabi maths abeg help me calculate wetin she write. Spangler Wòrld produced a billionaire. Angela Job Emodiae has given me the bragging right.

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I told you guys that I will produce a billionaire and you thought I was joking. Na kulikuli she dey sell o, 100 naira per product.

The post which generated over two thousand reactions and over one thousand comments and still counting as at the time of filing this report had hailers and doubters expressing their views.

To shut the doubters up, on Saturday, Emodiae posted three statement of accounts from two Zenith bank accounts and one FCMB account, showing each account balance. She insisted she made 95% sales from the online market.

“I made 95% of my sales from this Facebook group, Spangler Market & Vent Sq.

“If you’ve been a follower of mine you’ll no how i have been building my business”, She wrote.

Some concerned Nigerians are of the opinion that it is unhealthy bringing sensitive information, especially screenshots of the statements of accounts to such a public space, considering the poor security situation in the country.

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Emodiae however went on Facebook live to advice those debating on the possibility of making such money, selling kuli-kuli and peanuts, to invest their time in what would yield productive results in 2023.

She said all her products are NAFDAC approved and everyone should anticipate the reintroduction of Angees pop-corn, which would be another “talk of the town” product.

Doubters have alerted Nigerians of similar Ponzi claims in the past by other hustlers which turned out to be outlandish especially after the public invested in such schemes.



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