Kmimk Work From Home Recruitment – Here’s what we know

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There are sms going round about Kmimk jobs claiming to offer you a work from home.  This post will tell you everything about this.

If you’ve received a short message on your phone like the one below, know that you’re not the only one.

“Earn 60,000 naira a day and withdraw cash at any time.
Click to contact customer service WS to receive free cash”

Let’s analyse this sms to see if its true or not.

1. The message looks phishy as no online business or job will offer you 60,000 naira the first day you join it in Nigeria. Also, there’s nothing like free cash anywhere.

2. From what we’ve gathered, kmimk appear to have been out of Business or may have change name. We arrive at this conclusion because there’s no website or mobile app with the name online presently.

We’ll therefore advise you to ignore any message claiming to have come from kmimk promising a work from home offer.

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