How to start real estate business in Nigeria and its benefits

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While considering types of businesses to delve into, it is certain that you once considered creating a real estate business at some point or another.

Well, it is not a bad choice of business to start with as an aspiring entrepreneur.

What is important is that you have an indepth knowledge about how to start this lucrative business in Nigeria and benefits of venturing into the business.

Look no more, because in this article, these subjects would be touched upon and at the end of the reading, you would leave with more knowledge than you came

What Is Real Estate Business All About?

In a real estate business, lands and buildings are bought, sold, managed, operated on, or invested in.

Natural resources such as farm produce and solid minerals are examples of additional natural resources that can be included in the business which can be traded on.

Benefits Of Starting Real Estate Business In Nigeria

Let’s look at some of the common benefits of starting a real estate business in Nigeria.

  1. Serves As A Means To Earn Passive Income

    You don’t have to work every day to get the much-desired passive income from investing in real estate. So, look at it this way, imagine you own a property and charge a fee for rent to it This payment to you is an example of how you can earn passive income through real estate business in Nigeria.

  2. Lets You Be In Control

    Creating a real estate business in Nigeria lets you become in control, which many entrepreneurs and rewarding. Providing rental housing or attracting businesses to commercial sites that will offer much-needed services to local communities are also other ways your real estate business can help others

  3. Increases In Value With Time

    Real estate properties can be held for a number of years while you wait for it to increase because it is a long-term investment. While you wait for your property’s value to increase in value, you may also make a monthly income by renting out your real estate.

How To Start Real Estate Business In Nigeria

Here’s how to start real estate business in Nigeria. Follow the tips mentioned below to venture into real estate venture in Nigeria.

Step 1. Get some training

Training is important for success in any endeavor. For you to be a successful investing in this business you need training.

There well established are real estate companies and schools everywhere in Nigeria. Find one and you can be able to learn in efficiently together with other professionals.

Step 2. Create And Develop A Solid Business Plan

If you intend to invest in real estate business in Nigeria, a solid real estate business plan is crucial.

This business plan will outline the standards you need to achieve success and help you keep your attention on your objectives rather than on any slight obstacles that may come your way.

Step 2. Be Financially Ready

You need to have enough cash set up to pay for your real estate business’s start-up expenses.

Expenses which may include deposit for a property you intend to buy, settling ‘omo no Ile’ of the area, as well as repairs, upgrades, and other extras.

Applying for a loan is an option for the remaining costs, and it’s not as difficult as many beginners think.

Step 3. Conduct Location And Market Research

You must be well knowledgeable about the location in which you intend to purchase a real estate property.

This requires exercising due diligence and completing a thorough market analysis of real estate.

5. Register your business name

Registering your business name is unavoidable If you want to take your real estate venture seriously.

You can register with corporate affairs commissions with less than 50,000 naira and begin your journey to success

Step 6. Implement

Here is the final stage and the most important of them all. It’s time to put all you have learnt into action and swing to work.

Do not be afraid to make new connection and try new things. Experiment and get the best of your deal in the business.

How Much Does It Cost To Start Real Estate Business In Nigeria

To start with, you need about N200,000 to start a real estate business in Nigeria. That is, if you want to start small and then grow big. If you’re looking to start big, then we’ll be talking about 3 million naira for a startup.


If you possess the necessary abilities and willingness to learn, running a real estate business can be very lucrative.

I’ve been able to cover all you need to succeed in the business world especially surviving in the real estate industry in Nigeria.

Do well to follow what you’ve learnt here in order to be successful investing in real estate in Nigeria.



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