How to Repay Access Bank Loan Before Due Date

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So you want to repay your Access Bank loan before the due date? That’s a good one. Early repayment helps you save on interest. It also puts you on the path to financial freedom faster. Here’s a straightforward guide on how to make that early loan repayment:

There are several ways to repay the loan you took from access bank. We will go through each of them, and we advise you pick the one that’s convenient for you.

1. Ussd code

You cab repay your loan via ussd code. This is the easiest way as you do not need a big phone or Internet. All you need is a small phone that can dial a code and your the phone number associated with your Access Bank inserted into it.

To make a repayment, dial the following ussd code *901#. Follow the next prompt until you’ve successfully repay your loan. You will receive an SMS to confirm this.

2. Access Bank app

You can make use of access bank app for their loan repayment. To begin, go over to Google Play store and download the app. Once downloaded, login and begin the loan repayment process.

The process is easy to follow. Just ensure you have enough balance to cover the amount and you also have enough data on your device.

3. Visit Access Bank Branch

Now, if the first two options is not for you, then the next thing is to visit any Access Bank branch in your area. Speak with a customer care representative that you want to repay your loan.

Give them the necessary information, fill the form and submit. The repayment will be initiated immediately and you will be informed as soon as its completed.


You can now repay your loan with ease. Just follow this guide as we outlined it above and you can be sure to clear your debt in minutes.

Do you have any questions you’ll like us to answer? Drop them via the comment box below.

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