11 easy ways to monetize your facebook page or group in 2022

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You can make money from your Facebook page. In this post, you will find details on how to monetize your Facebook page in 11 simple ways.

We have seen so many people who just grow Facebook pages just for growing sake without knowing they can make money from it.

The world is now full of possibilities and this has made it possible to make money your Facebook page, in as much as you meet the necessary requirements.

There are numerous methods to make money if your Facebook group or page has a big audience, whether or not you also have a website or blog.

In all honesty, it’s simpler to start with a Facebook page and develop a profitable website than it is to launch a website and attempt to grow a Facebook following from it.

We sometimes hear about businesses that go from nothing to something without a short period of time, but we don’t often see the effort and time they put in place in building a sizable followership that they have.

It can be very difficult to launch a product or service without an immediate audience. In today’s fiercely competitive market, the adage “If you build it, they will come” is no longer valid.

People now have more options than ever, so having a devoted following that trusts and believes in what you have to offer is your key to success.

How to monetize your Facebook page

Almost all of us use social media. Some of us are watching YouTube videos , some are reading news on Facebook, some are posting on Instagram. Almost all of us are using social media in some way.

There are several ways you can monetize your Facebook page. Some of them are listed below:

1. Use it to drive traffic to your blog

One easiest way to make money from your Facebook page or group is to use it to drive traffic to your blog. Traffic in this sense means the your blog readers.

You can send people from your page to your blog by sharing your content link and captivating captions and images.

Using this method can generate a lot of money from you especially if you have Google adsense approved on your blog.

You can also try other adsense alternatives in case your blog isn’t approved for Google ads yet. Some of such alternatives are Adsterra, Mgid and so on.

2. Join an affiliate program and send traffic to your website through the page

If you want to make money on Facebook page you can do so through affiliate marketing. Making it big in affiliate marketing shouldn’t be a problem if you have influence.

If you don’t know what affiliate marketing is then I say affiliate marketing is selling products of any company or organization. If you sell their product, they will give you some commission for selling this product and this is called affiliate marketing.

There are many big websites for doing affiliate marketing, you can join the affiliate program of these websites if you want.

With the availability of built-in tracking systems in most of these websites, you won’t have any problems having your share of profit from your sales. Everything is set in place to manage their affiliates and measure the revenue or traffic you generate.

Amazon, Alibaba, Flipkart You can earn if you want by joining affiliate program in these websites.

And if the content of your page is tech related to the product, then there is no way, you won’t earn huge amount of money from your Facebook page

3. Work as a freelancer

Do you have ab idea about what freelancing is? You can monetize your Facebook page or group using this technique. An aspect of freelancing is when an individual help brands advertise their product and services on their platform.

If you go to various marketplaces including Fiver , Upwork , you will find that there are many job offers for working as a Facebook Marketing Manager.

If you can learn Facebook marketing well then there is an opportunity for you to earn a lot of money by freelancing.

If you know how to run ads on Facebook people will hire you to manage their Facebook pages for them. So learn how to run a Facebook page .

And you can do these things with mobile. Facebook is the best medium for students to earn online and earn money with mobile

4. Sell Products through a Third Party Service

You don’t have to do any of the product production, shipping, inventory management, upkeep, or other tasks in order to develop and sell things.

If you’re creative, one idea is to start selling items that have your artwork on them.

Many websites let you effortlessly produce printed shirts, phone covers, or socks and sell them.

It’s really straightforward, and many middle-class Facebook earners follow this path. It has many advantages despite not offering the same recurring revenue stream as courses and membership subscriptions.

The fact that you can almost fully outsource this function to monetize Facebook page is the largest advantage.

5. Dropshipping

Dropshipping is becoming more and more popular. The product is manufactured, packaged, and shipped by a third party on behalf of the seller and is then delivered to the buyer.

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You can probably locate a dropshipper (a business that dropships goods) that can essentially handle the entire supply chain, whether you’re selling t-shirts or mugs.

You only need to be concerned with promoting the products to your target market. With the majority of drop shippers allowing you to only pay when things are sold, this has a very low entrance barrier.

Because users and their friends will constantly be exposed to your branding, physical objects can act as an additional marketing channel for your Facebook page. In this way, the products act as a sort of moving billboard for your branding.

6. Promote a Local Event with Your Vendor Presence

It will be a fantastic opportunity for you to interact with and attract outside brands and businesses to become associated with your brand if your Facebook page is geographically targeted.

From this, you can generate income in a number of various ways. One of options is to put up a booth at the local event you’re promoting where you can sell your own products and advertise for yourself at the same time.

Increase the number of attendees at the event so that more people will discover you and buy from you there.

7. Help others grow their Facebook page

You can monetize your facebook page by offering to services to your followers. Why not offer your ability as a service if your following has grown to a respectable size?

Numerous small businesses would love to increase their social media presence but lack the skills to do it.

You are aware of this and can cite your own fan base as evidence.

You have indeed developed a Facebook page to its present size and are experiencing some measure of success. Others aspire to reach that accomplishment.

It’s time to provide your expertise. You may charge for the service of creating a plan of action. If you are successful, there are many opportunities to help others succeed that you can take on for an ongoing fee.

8. Make money from your live videos on Facebook

Are you surprised to hear that? No surprise here. Like YouTube, Facebook is now allow people to make money from their live videos.

You can earn money from Facebook like YouTube by monetizing your Facebook videos. Just as you earn money by monetizing videos using Google AdSense on YouTube, you can earn money by working through AdChoices on Facebook.

To monetize your Facebook videos you need to have a Facebook page. Then just like you have to qualify for minutes on YouTube, you have to qualify on Facebook for monetization.

You need to have up to 10,000 likes on your Facebook page and 30,000 one-minute views on your videos in two months.

Once these conditions are met, you can apply for Facebook monetization. Once your page app is approved, ads will start appearing on your videos and you will start earning passive income.

9. Earn money from Facebook groups

You know you can monetize your Facebook page. What you may not be aware of is that you can also make money from your Facebook group marketing well then you can earn a lot of money.

Remember, Facebook page is one way communication. That is, here only you will speak and your audience will listen to you, they will have nothing to say, except through the their comments.

On the other hand, Facebook group is two-way communication, it is a community. That is, here you speak and your audience can speak.

If you do good work in your group, then your audience will do the marketing of your business. This is an authentic way of marketing on Facebook.

So f you can create a Facebook group and make it lively and always active then you will get many ways to earn money from it.

In that case, you need to keep the audience in your group engaged through various activities and they will keep on working for you even without them knowing.

10. Through Facebook ads

If you can invest some money in Facebook ads then you can earn more money very easily and quickly by using Facebook Ads.

This medium is actually not free but if you can work with a little intelligence then you can earn more money than the money you invest here.

Facebook page is a huge traffic source and has billions of active traffic all the time. Now suppose you have a product, it may be a mobile t-shirt car from Amazon or Flipkart or a gadget or a reselling app.

And if you can share the affiliate link of all these company’s products on your Facebook page or group and it is seen that few people are interested in your product and some products are sold.

And if you can reach millions of people using Facebook ads for your product, then there is hope of selling many products.

Then in this case, your income will increase several times to a large extent. So you must have understood by now that if Facebook ads can be run properly and if it can be done intelligently, then you will get three to four times more than what you invest.

11. Make money from Facebook Marketplace

In fact, it is a service through which you can earn by selling your own or someone else’s new-old products. You will find many reselling apps through play store. For example, Glowroad, Shop101, Messho.

Install all these apps first. Then after registering here submit everything including bank details.

You will find different products from different companies in these apps. You download the images of that product and list those images on the Facebook marketplace and fix your price there.

Suppose you bought a t-shirt from that app for $15 and now your price is $25. If you can sell 10 of this product, you will make a profit of $100

In this way you can list many photos on your Facebook Marketplace. Now when a person messages you to buy that product, you enter his address in that app and set your price there. That’s why you need to know how to

Sell digital services or membership subscription

Perhaps the simplest way to monetize Facebook page is to start small. The simplest illustration of this is rather straightforward to explain.

A fantastic strategy to keep your audience interested and to connect with them across all of your websites is to promote an eBook on your Facebook page.

Facebook is a terrific place to market your products if you have a ton of material to share. eBooks are simple since you can use the distribution systems offered by Amazon and Barnes & Noble, and the greatest thing is that Facebook interfaces with the majority of external platforms quite easily.

Incredibly profitable at $107 billion in 2015, the global eLearning market is anticipated to soar to a mind-boggling $325 billion in overall market value by 2025.

It is evident that people are more likely than ever to invest in their education and well-being. This has been given even more gasoline by the global pandemic.

There are opportunities for everyone to make money, whether it be through yoga instruction or a certain specialized community.

With this in mind, to monetize Facebook page following, it can be done by adding an online course or a private member community subscription.

Additionally, this establishes a recurring revenue model because, unlike when purchasing a product, your audience pays for their membership each and every month.

Why you should have a Facebook page

Do you want to make money from your facebook page? That’s cool, but you need to have one first. And if you’re not sure of why you need one here are some good reasons for you.

1. Brand awareness and connection

One of the biggest social media networks in the world is Facebook. The visibility of your company will increase the number of potential clients you can reach.

You can stay in touch with your community on Facebook every day to let them know you’re still there.

Your post appears in your “Likes or followers'” News Feed, giving them the chance to engage with you.

Every day, you extend an invitation to your target market. I advise that you post to your Page every day.

Facebook also enables you to connect with individuals so they can learn more about you and your company.

2. Create value and authority

You can establish your authority in your field using Facebook. You turn into the resource your community needs for useful information pertaining to your area of expertise.

You personally provide information to your Facebook page followers so that when people require your services, you are the first person they think of.

3. Branding

Facebook is beneficial for branding.
Your brand message will be remembered more widely if it appears in more social media platforms.

Now the little guys can look large. If you’re branding yourself, get a professional logo or headshot done.
Your brand ethos can be added to in every aspect of your Facebook page.

Even the links you share to other websites will help you build your personal brand.

The ability to modify Facebook fan pages and make them appear as a scaled-down version of your website is another fantastic advantage.

You can display movies, offer an opt-in option, and even allow users to place orders directly from your fan page.

Recall that Facebook has nearly 350 million ACTIVE members, and imagine the impact if you could reach even a small portion of this market!

You may significantly improve your ability to promote your goods and services to your fan base by connecting and developing relationships!

4. Unlimited audience

Facebook enforces a cap of 5000 friends on your personal profile page. Although the majority of us do not have 5000 personal friends, this figure might be extremely restrictive if you combine your personal friends with your business contacts or prospects.

On the other hand, you can have an infinite number of “fans” on a fan page. Numerous celebrity fan pages have thousands or even millions of followers.

The ability to update all of your admirers at once is another pretty significant benefit of a fan page over your own profile. You can only send messages to 20 individuals at once from your personal profile page


You can really monetize your facebook page through the above means but you will have to build your page before you can make money with it.

Building a Page following of users who are interested in the goods, services, or content you share is crucial. This manual offers best practices for growing an audience that is likely to be interested in your company.

1. Inform people about your brand. Expand the audience of your Page to connect with both existing and potential consumers. Try these suggestions if you’re unsure how to increase page likes and interactions:

Share the link to your Page in your own Feed. Inform your family and friends about your Page. Ask them to like the Page and share it with others who might be interested in your company in your post. Select Share under your Page’s cover image to share it.

Request likes from pals for your page. Invite people to like your Page that you believe would be interested in your brand. Study the art of inviting friends.

Ask your friends to tell their networks about your Page. You can reach more individuals by using your friends’ assistance. Request that they publish a link to your Page on their timeline.

Post in groups as the Page. Post in local communities or organizations relevant to your industry as your Page. Reaching your community in this way is beneficial.

2. Get more engagement: Most likely, your company needs to boost Page engagement. Thus, administrators and advertisers ought to:

Comment your page on other group : leave comments using your Facebook Page. Engage with material on Facebook to increase your visibility among Page fans and consumers, both new and old.

Share more information. To ensure that those who follow or like your page find it useful, make sure the content you post on Facebook is pertinent to your sector. Find post concepts to boost engagement.

3. Use targeted ad campaigns: You can run advertising on Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, and the Audience Network outside of Facebook with a Facebook Page. Directly from your Page, you may generate a variety of advertising.

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