How to Install Chatgpt Chrome Extension on your Android phone

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Chatgpt is the latest trend in the technology cycle. Its an AI developed by OpenAI.

You may want to know how to install the chatgpt chrome extension on your android phone just like you would on your pc.

In this article, you’ll find how to do just that.

First you need to know that chrome for android doesn’t support installing extensions. For this reason, we’ll use another android browser that comes with this feature.

The app that’s good for this purpose is called Kiwi browser. Follow the steps below to install chatgpt on your android phone.

  • First, go to Google play store and install Kiwi browser
  • After installing kiwi, lunch the browser
  • Click on the three doted lines at the upper right corner
  • Click on extensions
  • Click on open chrome Web store
  • Search for Chatgpt
  • Install the extension

That’s it you’ve successfully installed chatgpt chrome extension on your android phone.

Now, to access chatgpt on your phone just click in the 3 dots menu icon at the top right corner of kiwi browser and then scroll down to find the extension you installed just now. Click on it and chatgpt is ready on your phone.Install Chatgpt on android phone

The next thing you want to do is sign up on for an account if you don’t have an account yet. Input your email and choose a password.

Once an account is created you can now enjoy chatgpt on your android phone without any stress.

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