How to do Fake Transfer to Someone on Opay

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You’re here because you want to learn how to do fake transfer to someone on opay, right? Okay, this post is for you.

Well, you can do this in few simple steps and in minutes you’re done.

First you need to understand that opay is a reputable company that you should not do fake transfer using their app.

But in case you still want to fake transfer to someone else on opay, why not! Just follow the easy steps below

  1. Log in to your Opay account using the Opay app.
  2. On the homepage, click on “Transfer” and select “To Phone Number” or “To Bank Account” depending on where you want to send the money.
  3. Enter the account details of the person you want to send the fake transfer to.
  4. Enter the amount you wish to transfer them.
  5. Confirm the details of the transfer, including the recipient’s details and the amount to be transferred.
  6. Inpit your pin and send.

If you follow the instructions above, you’re sending money really. Sorry to hear that what you’re looking for does not exist.

You cannot use opay to defraud people and you shouldn’t use any other app for this purpose.

I will advise that you do no try to send fake transfer to people so you won’t bring problems to yourself.

Thanks for reading.

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