How to Remove Palmpay Security Plugin & Watermark on Android Phones

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So you want to remove palmpay security plugin, deactivate watermark reminder or delete your account altogether from your android phone?

In this post, I will show you how to bypass, uninstall or remove the watermark reminder completely. Also in this piece you’ll find how to cancel subscriptions on iPhone and Android devices.

How to delete palmpay account

Before requesting to delete your palmpay account, make sure you don’t have money stored in your account.

To delete your account you will have to do so by sending an email to the management of Palmpay. Ask them to remove and delete your account from their database.

You can do so by following the steps below to request your account removal;

  • Locate Gmail app or Yahoo on you phone and run it.
  • Type your email message
  • Type Requesting for account deletion as the subject
  • Don’t forget to put as the recipient of the mail
  • Click on compose to write the message you want to send.
  • Once you’re done typing, click send

How to cancel PalmPay subscription

Below is how to cancel palmpay subscription on all devices including iPhone, iPad and Android

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on iPhone and ipad

Follow these steps below to cancel every palmpay subscription on pamlpay:

  • First, open the app settings on your phone and click on the small icon of your name.
  • Then, click the subscription button.
  • If you do not automatically see the button . In that case, all you have to do is tap on iTunes & Appstore)
  • Then, click your your Apple ID, view it and sign in. Scroll down until you band scroll down to the “Subscriptions” button.
  • Next, tap on PalmPay (subscription) you want to review.
  • Now, click on Cancel.
  • You’ve successfully deleted your palmpay account

On Android phone

If you want to cancel PalmPay subscription on Android, nite that you need to do it right and not just delete the app.

  • Step 1: Go to Google Play Store. Make sure your email is selected.
  • Step 2: Click on the  menu, then “Subscriptions”.
  • Step 3: You will see a list of PalmPay subscription you currently have. Click on the one you wish to cancel.
  • Step 4: Click on cancel subscription
  • Step 5: You’re done.

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How to Remove PalmPay Security Plugin on android phone

If you’ll like to delete or bypass PalmPay security plugin from your phone follow these process

  • Open the palmpay app using your phone
  • Locate the OK card button from the list of available services
  • Alternatively, you can simply click on the finance button below the page
  • If you haven’t make repayment for your loan, do it here
  • After loan repayment, click on the option icon at the top right corner of the page
  • You will see a button that says deactivate security plugin
  • Uncheck this option
  • That’s all, you have successfully deactivated palmpay security plugin on your phone
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Here’s another effective way to remove the security plugin from your android phone. If the above fails this one should work.



Note: if none of these work for you, my last advice is that you should take your phone to a nearby phone engineer for flashing. They will certainly help to uninstall it.

However, make sure you’re not owning palmpay or trying to get away with their money as this will harm your credit history in the long run.


Thank you for reading how to delete / deactivate PalmPay account and security plugin on my blog. If you have questions, drop them and I’ll do my best to respond as soon as possible

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    1. My was from GINiEX and i was trying to pay (1#) for new user but i couldn’t use my bank because i have not active mobile banking and they didn’t put option for debit card to pay back okay card, so later i started seeing watermark on my phone I then delete the app but it was still showing i then try to install the app back but they were the app is not compatible with your device,it was getting worst some days later i instilled it from Opera mini but then i didn’t see my bills,i went to palmpay I they told me that my device has already been registered for ok card but then can’t see bills to pay back, please i need your help 🥺🥺🥺

  1. This didn’t work. After paying, I still didn’t see any button that says “deactivate security plug-in”

  2. What if you are owning them and you took your phone to q near by phone shop for flashing what’s the consequences

  3. Please I need your help
    A friend of mine used my phone to login is palmpay account and borrow loan and he refused to pay the loan and palmpay have hacked my phone please what can I do

  4. My phone has been hacked by palmpay please guys what’s the suggestion for it, can I take it to a nearby phone shop for flashing will it work

  5. Please i didn’t get any loan but you locked my phone, please why, i have important dercomemt in my phone please open my phone

  6. I bought a phone last week and now its showing me water mark of a overdue loan that’s i don’t know about i call them the said i have to pay the loan. I don’t know how to do

  7. I got a second hand phone since last 2 years and it’s showing a watermark now on the phone that I should go and repay my money without me borrowing any money, what can I do sir, should I factory reset the phone or I should go and flash it??

  8. I bought a phone last week and the loan was paid and deactivated in my presence but I have been seeing watermark on my screen since morning.
    Às you advised, if I flash it, they won’t have access to my phone again and it won’t disturb my phone? Pls answer

  9. I bought a phone last week and the loan was paid in my presence but I have been seeing watermark on my screen since this morning.
    As you advised, íf I flash it they won’t have access to my phone again and it won’t disturb my phone??
    Because I’m not the owner of the account

  10. Í bought a phone last week and the loan was paid in my presence but I have been seeing watermark on my screen since yesterday morning.
    As you advised, if I flash it they won’t have access to the phone again ít won’t disturb my phone? Please reach out to me because I’m not the owner of the account.

  11. It my friend DAT borrowed d money n have paid but d water mark its still on my screen how do I remove it pls

  12. Someone came to my working place last week Saturday and introduce himself as a palm pay agent. He said they’re on promo and giving out 1k Airtime,So I allowed him create the account with my phone. I didn’t even open the app after he left I was surprised when I started receiving messages from them Days later saying that my loan is overdue,I got angry and deleted the app because I can’t remember borrowing any money from them I don’t even know how to access the app.. Since Monday there’s something called watermark that’s been on my phone screen. The problem now is that I can’t log in to the account again because I don’t know the PIN the guy used to create the account

    1. My phone is hacked by palm pay and I have payed them their money and my phone is still rebooking by it self

  13. Is there really solution to this palmpay issue, I’m a victim, I got a phone from Jiji and two months later the phone was lock by palmpay and when I call them, they said the phone is on loan,and if I don’t pay the phone will not be open,I even agree to pay but instrumentally,so I take them I will pay something and they should open the phone,So that I can work with my phone, they refuse, I got angry and when to flash the phone, one month later, the phone got locked again by palmpay, met the guy that flash it, he did it again after another one month,the phone got locked again,so I don’t think there’s a solution to this palmpay plugin.

  14. Someone login to his palmpay account through my phone and my phone is locked what should, I have never used palmpay before

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