How to Close Cashplus Account, Customer Service Number

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Cashplus offers unbeatable financial services. But what if you find a better alternative? In this post, you’ll learn how to close Cashplus account in few steps.

There are several ways to close your cahs plus bank account. Follow the steps below to cancel your account in minutes

The easiest way to do it is contact cashplus customer service number. Call 0330 024 0924 to reach our UK customer support staff. You can as well reach cashplus at +44 207 153 8940 if you are calling from outside the country.

explain to them the reason for your request for account closure. follow the instructions as given to you by the customer service representative.

You can also visit Cashplus office to close your account.  There office is located at Cottons Centre, Cottons Lane SE1 2QG, London EC2Y 5EB

find their work hours below:

Tuesday 8am–8pm
Wednesday 8am–8pm
Thursday 8am–8pm
Friday 8am–8pm
Saturday 8am–4pm
Sunday Closed
Monday 8am–8pm
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All of the services offered by Cashplus, an app-based bank, can be accessed online or through an app on your phone. They take pride in their cutting-edge features and provide credit cards, personal accounts, and business accounts.

What differentiates them from other suppliers is their Creditbuilder tool. Your account fees are lent to you by Cashplus for a year, after which your monthly payments are collected as loan repayments and submitted to credit reference agencies.

Your credit score is likely to rise if you always pay your bills on time.

This post has explained to you how to close cash plus account. If you have any questions, do ask them below and i will respond as soon as possible


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