Greensky Loan Review, Customer Service Number, Application & Rates

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Looking for GreenSky’s customer service number and more detailed information about Greensky loan?

Here you’ll find the several ways to get in touch with GreenSky: Telephone, website, e-mail, etc. You’ll also find about their rates, application process and honest reviews.

Greensky Reviews?

GreenSky is a technology firm that facilitates up to $65,000 in home repair financing. GreenSky’s loans are underwritten by banks and made available to consumers through home improvement contractors and businesses who utilise its financing platform.

The company was acquired by Goldman Sachs in March 2022. The bank offers personal loans through Marcus, which are superior for debt reduction.

GreenSky loan is a quick and affordable alternative to traditional home improvement financing solutions for borrowers who take out a loan with deferred interest and pay it back within the promotional period.

GreenSky Inc. is situated in Athena, Georgia. It was formed in 2006, around 15 years ago.

Greensky is among the leading financial technology supplier companies in the nation.

It offers several services to its consumers, such as home loans, investments services, solar equipment, home equipment and associated technologies. All of the Greensky Inc.

Interest rates

GreenSky offers competitive interest rates and conditions compared to other financing choices for home remodelling.

GreenSky-affiliated merchants may provide a deferred-interest, “no-interest if paid in full,” or rate-reduction option.

GreenSky’s deferred-interest loans collect interest throughout a promotional term of three, six, 12, 18 or 24 months.

If the entire balance is paid off before the conclusion of the promotional period, no interest will be charged.

If you do not pay it off within the promotional time, you will be charged interest on the balance for 84 months, which includes the interest imposed during the promotional period.

If you require more time to repay the loan, you may be offered a loan with a reduced APR and loan terms of up to 25 years. The rates vary between 0.99% to 24.99%.

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APRs beginning at 6.99%. The normal range for personal loan interest rates is between 5% and 36%.

The introductory rates for GreenSky Personal Loans are among the lowest available.

Rapid access to capital In certain instances, you can receive your funds within one business day.

Extensive loan amounts. With GreenSky Personal Loans, you can apply for loan sums up to $55,000.

There is no origination cost. Loan origination fees are not assessed by GreenSky Personal Loans.

Lengthy loan terms. The maximum loan period provided by GreenSky Personal Loans is 84 months. The majority of personal loans have a maximum term of sixty months

How Greensky loan application works

Suppose you’re in the process of renovating your kitchen, and your contractor offers financing through GreenSky.

To apply using the mobile app, the retailer or contractor transmits a scanned snapshot of your driver’s licence barcode to GreenSky, which then populates a loan application automatically.

You input details such as your name, SSN, and monthly income.

After the application has been submitted, GreenSky does a rigorous credit inquiry.

Then, you are notified if your application was denied or granted, along with the terms of the loan offer.

It takes approximately one minute to complete.

If you accept the offer, GreenSky will email you the loan documents. The documents contain a 16-digit “shopping pass” that is used to pay your contractor via a point-of-sale terminal.

Customers are given a credit limit up to which they can spend. The majority of home improvement expenses qualify, including kitchen and bathroom remodels, HVAC installations, home automation, window installations, and pool installations.

Greensky Customer Service contact

If you have any questions concerning Greensky loans or associated information, you may contact them by,

You can contact them for information, problem resolution, and directions. There is, however, a set time to contact customer service.

Greensky customer service phone number is 866-936-0602.

Customer service is available daily from 8am to 11pm ET.

Additional call details for customer service:

  • Monday through Friday: 7am to 10pm ET, Saturday: 8am to 10pm ET, and Sunday: 9am to 10pm ET.
  • Monday through Friday: 7am to 10pm ET, Saturday: 8am to 10pm ET, and Sunday: 9am to 10pm ET.
  • Home Depot Loan Services: 877-476-3860 – Hourly: 8 a.m. to 11 p.m. EDT
  • Email:
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Address for GreenSky Customer Service

GreenSky’s mailing address for customer service or the corporate headquarters is P.O. Box 29429, Atlanta, Georgia 30359.

According to SEC filings, the majority of GreenSky customers have credit scores above 700.

GreenSky offers funding in all fifty states. Here is how you must apply:

Recent W-2 and two pay stubs are required.

Evidence of homeownership, such as a mortgage statement, Form 1098, property tax bill, and closing statement.

Bank statements.


The following are some frequently asked questions about Greensky loan:

What type of business is Greensky?

Greensky is a corporation that provides services in financial technology. It permits home loans in excess of $65,000.

The corporation does not use its cash for loans. Greensky provides home improvement and retail financing services using bank funding.

Is Greensky a loan company?

Greensky offers home loans for the purchase of home improvement products. It facilitates home loans in excess of $64,000.

In addition to providing financial support services, the organisation also allows consumers to invest. However, it is not a bank.

Does Greensky offer home services loan?

Greensky backs Home Depot for their home loan service. However, the amount of dollars you wish to use and the amount you must pay will vary depending on the circumstance.

Check out Greenskies’s other loan plans and packages if you’re not interested in an exclusive home loan.

Is It Difficult to Obtain Approval from Greensky?

The Greensky loan is primarily contingent upon your credit score. 768 is the average FICO credit score of the company’s loan applicants. Although a minimum credit score of 650 is required to qualify for a loan.

Additionally, Greensky does not permit co-signers, and the loans are funded by banks. Personal loan interest rates in Greensky range from $6.99 and $23.

It depends on your credit score and the loan type you select.

What interest rates are offered by GreenSky loan?

GreenSky loan offers a personal loan package with fixed APRs ranging from 6.99% to 23.99%.

How much may be borrowed using a GreenSky loan?

Loan levels for businesses range from $3,500 to $55,000.

What is the maximum possible loan duration for a GreenSky loan?

GreenSky Loan provides loans for up to 84 months.

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