Airtel Forward Monitor, how to Disable All Call Forwarding, Monitoring 2022

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What is Airtel Forward Monitor? How can you Disable it? How to stop all Call Forwarding & Monitoring in 2022.

The ability to forward calls is a crucial function of phones. However this has been abused as criminals use it against their victims.

Airtel Forward Monitor

Today, I’ll walk you through the process of deactivating call forwarding and monitoring in Airtel and other networks in Nigeria.

It has been discovered that some Sims, especially, Airtel, come with preactivated call forwarding to this particular number: +2348020100132.

What this mean is that all of your incoming calls could be monitored with another mobile phone line from a different location.

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Of fact, it has existed for a while, mainly being utilized by criminals and secret agents to keep an eye on their unsuspecting victims.

In this post, you have all information on how to check if your mobile phone line has been tapped, bugged, or otherwise monitored, as well as how to immediately disable it.

How to check

To know if your phone number has been forwarded, dial *#61# or *#62# from that specific number. Even as you read this post, you can dial it to see what comes up; you’ll be amazed.

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How to disable illegal monitoring and call forwarding

The code to prevent secretly tapping your mobile phone line is ##21#.

You can as well use ##002# if the above ussd code doesn’t work.

This code will surely bring an end to all call forwarding, illegal monitoring of your phone line.

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If this info has helped you to put an end to airtel Forward Monitor and other monitoring +2348020100132, please let me know via comments. Also if you have any other questions, do ask and I’ll respond asap.

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