FCMB SheVentures Interest Free Loans, How to Apply

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If you’re a female entrepreneur looking to grow your business without the burden of interest rates? FCMB has got your back. FCMB is on a mission to empower SMEs like yours, offering interest-free loans up to N5 million under their SheVentures initiative.

The best part? It’s a three-month deal designed specifically for female-owned businesses across various sectors. If this is what you want, then read on.

How does FCMB’s SheVentures Initiative works?

The FCMB SheVentures initiative gives interest free loan to businesses women. Best part, they’re not just about loans but a comprehensive support system.

Thousands of female entrepreneurs have already benefitted from FCMB’s sheventures loans ranging from N500,000.00 to N5 million at zero interest rates. But that’s not all; they’ve also received free training, mentoring, and other empowerment programs.

This move has been a game-changer, especially considering the challenges posed by the ongoing pandemic.

Who Qualifies and What Sectors are Included?

If you’re a female entrepreneur operating in sectors like manufacturing, locally produced item trading, solar energy financing, food processing, oil and gas, hospitality, education, healthcare, agribusiness, or fashion/garment making, you’re in luck. The interest-free loan is up for grabs for those operating in these fields.

How to Apply for FCMB SheVentures interest free Loan

If you’re interested in this loan, all you have to to do is walk into any FCMB branch around you. Tell them you’re interested in the program and ask them to put you through the registration process.

Alternative, you can go to fcmb. com and apply from there

FCMB’s dominance in the SME segment is evident through its array of solutions – access to capital, capacity building, advisory services, networking opportunities, and technological advancements. They’ve automated their lending processes through the FCMB Quick loans platform, disbursing over 5,000 digital loans monthly to SMEs.


FCMB’s commitment to SMEs has not gone unnoticed. They were awarded the prestigious “Best SME Bank in Africa” at the Asian Banker Middle East and Africa Regional Awards in November 2020.

With over 200 branches across Nigeria, FCMB’s commitment to innovation and exceptional service delivery remains unwavering.

If you’re a female entrepreneur seeking to take your business to new heights, FCMB’s SheVentures initiative might just be your golden ticket. Access to interest-free loans, comprehensive support, and a bank that truly champions your growth – that’s what FCMB offers.

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