EaseMoni Customer Care Whatsapp Number and Email Address

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Easemoni customer care

Looking for Easemoni customer care number. If you’re a customer of EaseMoni and will like to contact them for any purpose, you can do so via phone calls, emailing or even through WhatsApp.

We have compiled all their contact details for you in this post. Find the details below:

EaseMoni Customer care numbers:

The easiest way to reach out to EaseMoni loan is through phone call. Following is the EaseMoni customer care numbers that you can call any time for complaints: 09087614150

EaseMoni Whatsapp number:

Another way to get access to easemoni customer care service is through their official WhatsApp number.

To contact EaseMoni on WhatsApp, save the following num2on your enabled phone and you can easily chat them up 2348179658371

EaseMoni Email address:

You can also email them on the following email address and be sure they will respond to your complaint anytime: easemoni@blueridgemfb.com

Office Address Lagos:

EaseMoni office address is number 60 Adeniyi Jones Ave , ikeja , lagos , Nigeria.

If you’re in Lagos and would like your issue to be resolved in person this might be the best option for you.

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  1. I have been a customer to easemoni for some times now. The last money I loaned was paid two days overdue and since then the APP hasbrefused to loan me again. Any time I apply I am told to reapply in six days times . that has been happening for some times now. I wish they help me out please. Any way forward?

  2. I want to apply for A loan but they are telling me
    That my BVN has already been used

  3. I applied for a loan of 118,000k early hours of today (4am) and it is assumed the loan have been approved and disbursed to my account and repayment due date have started counting on my app. Meanwhile no money was sent to my account.

    1. I mistakenly transferred money to my easemoni account number 5557589890 instead of my opay account number 8156920347, please how can I get my money back because I’ve completed my loan a long time ago

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