Divine invitation to freedom and grace

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First Word

True freedom is of God and grace is His free gift. Both are benefits to anyone who hears God’s word and heed His divine gospel call.

At every point in time, there is a divine call to every one of us irrespective of whether we’re yet to believe or we have known the Lord for ages.

In this book, Divine Invitation to Freedom and Grace, you will hear God expressly calling to you with a higher calling. He will be inviting you to a feast of freedom and grace; out of the midst of the mixed multitude into His marvellous plan and purpose for your life.

I implore you to read this book painstakingly, taking no word for granted, and without rushing or skimming over, but slowly and steadily bring out the divine oracles for yourself.

Please note: I have made this book free for everyone to read here. This is because I believe that God’s word should be made accessible to everyone.  But if you so wish to buy this book to read it offline, you can do so.


Content of the book, Divine Invitation To Freedom And Grace

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