CediHelp Loan App Download, Login, Review

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Cedihelp loan apl

This post is about Cedihelp loan app. How to get download their app and get loan from them without collateral.

CediHelp is one of financial startups in Ghana offering loan assistance to Ghana citizens

According to CediHelp Loan, CediHelp is an instant loan app that allows you to get a loan without collateral. All you need is to ensure you enter your correct personal information and you’re on your way to getting the credit you need..


  • Must be a citizen or an authorized resident of Ghana
  • Must be 18 years old and above.
  • Must have a source of income to guarantee your repayment
  • Must have a bank account for receiving the loan

How to borrow money from CediHelp

Below are steps to take in order to borrow money from CediHelp

1.Download and install CediHelp app to your phone from the Google Store

2. Register a new account. Ensure you enter the correct details aboout yourself.

3. Complete the required settings

4. Submit the loan application and wait for the result of the review

5. Once the loan application is approved, the loan will be paid directly into your account

CediHelp login

You can only login on CediHelp app. So to login you must have the app installed on your smartphone.

If you’re having challenges logging in, it may be as a result of temporary downtime of service. You may need to wait for some hours and try again.

Loan Period, Interest

CediHelp Loan Loan terms range from 91 to 365 days and they offer loans starting from GHS 100 up to GHS 50,000.

Their loan interest rate is from 3% to 30% per annum.

CediHelp Customer Contact details
Email: support@cedihelp.com
Address: 82 Rone Wait Link, Accra,Ghana

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