Calvary experience to God’s kingdom

by | Divine Invitation to freedom and grace Chapter 4

What is Calvary Experience? Calvary experience is the divine encounter that transports you from this dark world into the marvellous light of God’s kingdom.

Calvary is a spiritual place where the blood of Jesus is flowing. It is the place you’ll go, and by experience, your life will never remain the same. A place where sinners become saints. It is a place where infidels obtain mercy, sins are forgiven, victory is won over the devil and natural life is exchanged for eternal life.

Calvary is the borderline between worldliness and godliness. It’s the border between the dark world of satan and the kingdom of God (on earth).

 People get the certificate of heavenly sonship and citizenship at Calvary.  Calvary is a sacred place where people obtain access to go into God’s kingdom even while on earth.

It is God’s embassy where we process our visa into the kingdom of God. There is no shortcut, one sure way that leads to God’s kingdom is Calvary; any other way is not away at all.

In the kingdom of God, there is a uniformity of garment and the garment of this world cannot be worn there. Calvary experience is what makes us become children of God. It is at Calvary that we receive new garments to wear into God’s kingdom.

 This is called the garment of holiness. Whoever tries to enter into the kingdom of God without this garment of holiness will be fished into the outer darkness.

A new life in Christ begins at Calvary. A person that has never been to Calvary for cleansing is living an old life, far away from God’s kingdom.

No matter how good, religious, friendly or gentle he or she may be, he is yet to start the new life, if he has not come to the Calvary for spiritual cleansing.

“All the time we are serving the world goes for nought. If you have not come to Calvary you are losing time. Everything you do on the wrong side of the cross counts for naught; the first thing is to be saved by faith in Christ, and then we commence our pilgrimage to heaven. We don’t start, as some people suppose, from the cradle to heaven. We start from the cross. We have got a fallen nature that is taking us hellward. We must be born of the Spirit and sheltered by the blood, and then we become pilgrims for heaven. Wondrous Love”, DL Moody

Yes! All our good work and self-righteousness are like filthy rags before the Lord, except we have been worked upon at Calvary. It is the righteousness of Christ, not ours, that makes us righteous, and this righteousness of Christ can be obtained only through Calvary experience. 

Take an example of a young man who had the experience of calvary. He wandered far away before he eventually came back to God’s kingdom. But before we look at his journey to the Calvary, let’s see his journey outside the border.

The prodigal son’s Journey outside the border

Then Jesus said, “A man had two sons. The younger son said to his father, ‘Give me my share of the property.’ So the father divided the property between his two sons. 

Then the younger son gathered up all that was his and travelled far away to another country. There he wasted his money in foolish living.

After he had spent everything, a time came when there was no food anywhere in the country, and the son was poor and hungry. So he got a job with one of the citizens there who sent the son into the fields to feed pigs.

 The son was so hungry that he wanted to eat the pods the pigs were eating, but no one gave him anything. Luke 15:11-17 NCV.

 The first thing we saw the prodigal son did was that he went to his father and asked for his heritage.  He collected all his share from his father’s property and travelled, far away from his father’s house. 

The prodigal son lost the sight and control of his caring father. He broke himself loose from his father’s kingdom. This is the condition of those who started with Jesus but for any reason at all decided to turn away from Him.

They have once had a taste of the grace of God and His mercies, they have been washed clean by the blood of the lamb and come to the understanding of the gospel. But then something terrible happens and they went back into the world of sin. Now no more fire, no more passion, no more interest in the things of the spirit.

Will it not be out of place if I ask you to sincerely examine yourself to know if you are still on the Lord’s side or you’ve gone astray? Will you be pleased to know if you’re still at home or you have travelled abroad?

I am laying this emphasis because someone may be living in a vicarage but in reality, he is already in a far country. The fact that you are still preaching on the pulpit may not suggest you are still at home with the Father.

Continuous wallowing in sin is an indication that something is happening or missing somewhere, and this may be as a result of you not staying at home.

Life of the prodigal son outside of God’s kingdom.


Life outside the kingdom of God is a life of recklessness.

The prodigal son spent all he had on useless projects and senseless ventures. Many people practice prodigality and they don’t know.

The money you spent to sponsor thuggery, idolatry, and the money you spent on alcoholism, fornication and the likes is nothing but wasteful spending, and it’s a characteristic of life outside God’s kingdom.

Prodigality means a waste of time, waste of life, waste of talents, waste of gifts, waste of God’s resources, waste of visions, dreams, and purposes. 

Many people are struggling to come out of this dilemma to no avail. Some people are seriously addicted to smoking and drunkenness.

 They have come to know the consequences of their recklessness but just couldn’t help themselves out.

Once you are addicted to prodigality, only God can bring you out. And it is at Calvary that you can get the godly power to conquer that spirit.

A life without a direction:

a life outside the kingdom of God is a life with purpose or direction. It is a life that can be likened to the life of animals which wander every day only for bread to sustain the body. It is a life that is outside God’s control; a life completely away from the father. 

No matter how good care you give to a pig it will one day go back to pick its meal from the mud. That was the case of the prodigal son. He wanders away from his father’s care and started feeding on crumbs. 

When he was at home, he was at the control of his father. But now in the strange land, he couldn’t even find the face of his father. At home with his father, his protection and shield were always upon him but now he’s as hapless and miserable as a living foul that has been stripped of its feathers. 

That was the kind of life the prodigal son was living. There’s no hope of getting his life back into order except he comes back to his father by the way of Calvary.


another thing that characterizes a life outside God’s kingdom is hunger.

The prodigal son became very hungry. I’m sure his hunger is not only for food but for other basic requirements of life too.

He was hungry for peace, hungry for good health, hungry for companionship, hungry for shelter, etc.

A lot of people are not hungry for food and material things, but good gifts of God. Some people have food at home but couldn’t eat, because they lack good health.

A life outside the kingdom of God is a life of hunger and lack. Life outside the border is a life of fear and insecurity.

It is only in God that you can be filled with peace and joy. As long as he remains in that country he went to he will never enjoy the provisions of his father. Thank God he came home.


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