PalmPay Flexi Cash Loan, Credit Limit, Invitation Code, how to Activate

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Palmpay Flexi Cash loan is one of the latest product that allows you to get loans from Palmpay app easily.

In this post, you will find all information about Palmpay flexi cash, invitation code, how to Activate flexi cash, increase credit limit and so much more.

Palmpay Flexi credit

Palmpay Flexi credit is a palmpay product that allows customers to buy now and pay later withing the app. You have access to a certain amount within the app that let you buy data, airtime, TV subscriptions, etc.

One benefit of this product is that you don’t pay for interest as long as you make repayment on or before the due date.

The money can also be so helpful in sorting out some needs now and make payment later.

One drawback of Flexi credit is that the money cannot be directly transferred or withdrawn into your bank account.

However, there’s an unofficial way to withdraw your palmpay Flexi credit money. Transfer all the Flexi money to your online battìng wallet (eg B*t 9ja) and withdraw it to your bank from there.

If you don’t have account with any of such sites you can create one solely for this purpose.

Palmpay Flexi Cash Loan

On the other hand, Palmpay Flexi Cash is a PalmPay loan product that can be used to meet your urgent needs. You can borrow up to 500,000 naira and pay back easily with good and reasonable interest rate.

PalmPay Flexi Invitation Code

If you need palmpay flexi invitation code, here is one for you 9YX2H5. You can use it to register today or any time.

If you want to join their referral program and earn some money, you can get PalmPay Flexi invitation code from the app.

All you need to do in order to make money is share the invitation code. Once people register or sign up with your link, you get paid.

How to get your PalmPay invitation Code

To get your palmpay invitation code, follow the steps below:

Step 1: login on your palmpay app

Step 2: look for the menu icon at the top right corner

Step 3: click on invite

Step 4: click on invitation Code

That’s it. You now have your palmpay invitation code. You can use it to invite your friends and anyone else.

How to activate flexi cash on palmpay

To activate Palmpay flexi cash is simple and straightforward. Just open the PalmPay app and go to the finance section. From there, you’ll see the flexi cash amount that’s available to you.

Also if you’re using this feature for the first time, you’ll see a button that says activate flexi. Click on it and enjoy the offer.

How to make Repayment

You need to make repayment as and when due to continue enjoying the product.

You can make repayment for palmpay flexi cash within the app. All you need to do is login with your details, fund your account and make repayment. It’s easy to do

How to increase Palmpay flexi credit limit

The money you can get for a start is always small. However you can increase your credit limit in order to get more.

To increase your palmpay flexi credit limit, all you have to do is ensure you make repayment on time and also use palmpay for more of your transactions.

You will have higher loan offers as you use the app daily.

Palmpay Flexi Credit has many benefits, including the ability to purchase data, airtime, TV subscriptions, or pay other services. There are no interest charges as long as the payment is made before the due date.

Although the money cannot be directly transferred or withdrawn into a bank account, an unofficial way to withdraw the funds is through an online b*tt ìng wallet.

Additionally, PalmPay offers Flexi Cash, which is a loan product that allows customers to borrow up to 500,000 naira and repay it with a reasonable interest rate.

To join the referral program and earn money, individuals can obtain an invitation code from the app and share it with others.


In conclusion, PalmPay has renamed its OK Cash product to Flexi Credit or Flexi Cash, which offers customers the ability to buy now and pay later within the app.

Overall, PalmPay’s Flexi Credit and Flexi Cash offer a convenient and efficient way for customers to access funds and manage their finances within the app.

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    1. I didn’t borrow money from palmpay but I get debited on flexi replacement how come

  1. I didn’t borrow any money from palm pay but each time I get debited on flexi repayment.. did someone borrow money using my name or what .can someone explain what possibly happened

    1. They debited my account for flexy repayment and I did not collect any loan from palmpay. refund my money or I will closed the account .

    2. Pls am tired with ur calling and messages for complaining of 850 Flexy, I didn’t request anything from u. I didn’t borrow anything also

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