Blocka Cash Loan apk, interest rate legitimacy and contact number

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When you need a loan, Blocka Cash makes it simple and hassle-free to acquire one. With BlockaCash apk, you can easily get rid of the paperwork, long lines, and waiting.

To get urgent financial help when needed, Blocka Cash app and a smartphone are all you need!

How to take a loan from Blocka Cash apk

Starting with Blocka Cash apk is simple. The steps are as follows:

  • download Blocka Cash app on the play store
  • Create an account by signing up.
  • Quick loan application.
  • Instantly and directly receive your loan in your wallet.

Ensure that your loan application is correctly filled in as any falsification can lead to consequences ranging from failisting your account to reporting you to the police in clear cases of fraud.

The process is simple and convenient!

Repayment terms

Depending on your credit score, BlockaCash provides short-term personal loans of at least N5,000 and up to N50,000 in addition to microcredit.


You must be at least 21 years old to apply for one of our loans. You might be asked to present a legitimate government ID. You can receive as little as N5,000 or as much as N50,000, and you have 60 to 180 days to repay the loan.

Blocka Cash Interest Rate

Monthly payments are the norm for Blocka Cash loan. Their credit assessment algorithm determines minimum interest rate, which is 3% per month, and our highest interest rate, which is 10% per month. This equals a 36% to 120% Annual Percentage Rate (APR).

If you decide to take out a loan package for N10,000 (the Principal) with a 6-month repayment term at a monthly interest rate and charge of 3% (36% APR), you would have to pay back N1,966.67 per month for the duration of the loan.

By the conclusion of the six months, you would have paid N11,800 in total.

Is Blocka Cash legit?

This section is about the question of whether the Blocka Cash app is a scam or authentic, which is a question that many people have asked.

People can borrow money using the app. Installing the app and creating an account there with the required information is all that is required to apply for a loan of at least 2000 Naira.

When utilizing the app, be aware should in case of any unauthorized debits and report them right away to your bank so they may be investigated.


Loans from BlockaCash have repayment terms ranging from 60 days to a maximum of 180 days. Borrowers should pay as instructed in the app when their loan payments are due.

Phone and email Contact

Do you need Blocka cash phone number or email? Feel free to contact for any suggestions, advice, queries, or problems. You can send them an email at Phone number is not yet available.


Blocka cash loan app take into account a number of variables while determining whether you are eligible for a loan. Among them are things like credit score, historical loan performance, etc.

Make sure your loan application is complete and accurate because any falsification could result in negative consequences, such as your profile being blocked or being reported to the police in cases of obvious fraud.

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  1. I applied for the loan I was credited but I only transferred 5000 remains 6000 balance, after then I couldn’t transfer from my wallet, I have to uninstall and install again. After then the money didn’t even reflect in the wallet anymore

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