Are Fezotech Loan Apps Legit? Customer Care Contact, How to Apply

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What are Fezotech Loan Apps list? What’s the interest rate, Requirements and how to borrow money from them?

Fezotech, a CBN-approved fintech in Nigeria, specializes in providing financial assistance tailored to blue-collar workers and those in need.

Fezotech extends various loan types, from personal to business loans, and salary advance loans. The loan amounts usually fall between N10,000 and N500,000 with repayment periods spanning 3 to 12 months.

Here’s all you need to know about their offerings, application process, and ensuring legitimacy.

Fezotech Loan Interest Rates

With Fezotech loans, the average interest rate stands at 4% per month. For instance, if you borrow N50,000 for 3 months at a 4% interest rate, your interest amount would be N6,000, resulting in a total repayment of N56,000.

Interest rates apply but are competitive within the lending landscape. However, remember interest rates may change, so always confirm rates for the specific loan you are considering.

Fezotech Loan Requirements

To be eligible for a Fezotech loan, you must be a Nigerian or Kenyan resident with a valid bank account. This simple criterion facilitates accessibility for many.

How to Apply for Fezotech Loan

Applying for a Fezotech loan is a straightforward process.

  1. Choose the App: Select the Fezotech loan app of your choice. Popular ones include Kashcash, Cashbean, Truemoney, and others.
  2. Download from Play Store: Visit the Google Play Store, search for your chosen app, and install it. Please avoid downloading from unofficial app stores to protect your personal data.
  3. Sign up: sign up on the app and fill in the required details, including BVN, personal information, and banking details.
  4. Request for Loan: Once the sign up process is completed, you can proceed to request for a new loan.

Fill in the required information, submit your application, and wait for their response.

Fezotech Loan Apps list

The following are the Fezotech Loan Apps you can easily download on play store and get loan from:

For Nigerias

Kashcash, Cashbean, Truemoney, CashDey, GoMoni, Surecredit and CreditWise

For Kenyans:

MojaCredit, DIRECT Loan and SongaCash

You can acquire these apps from Google Play or the App Store, then choose the preferred loan product. Their loan offers come with easier approval processes and higher borrowing limits compared to other loan options.

Downloading the Fezotech App

For those seeking even more ease, Fezotech offers a user-friendly mobile application. To install the Fezotech app:

  1. Open the Google Play Store on your Android device.
  2. In the search bar, type “Fezotech Loan” and hit search.
  3. Locate the official Fezotech app by Fezotech Nigeria and tap ‘Install’.

Always exercise caution and avoid unofficial app stores to protect your personal information.

How to Contact Fezotech Customer Care

For inquiries, Fezotech has a customer care service. You can contact Fezotech in Nigeria via their official email address: or in Kenya with email: You can also contact Fezotech from within any of the Fezotech loan apps.

Is Fezotech Legit?

Yes. Fezotech, being a CBN-approved entity, carries a sense of legitimacy. It serves as a viable option for those in need of quick financial solutions. It stands as a regulated, reputable player in the Nigerian loan landscape.

However, it’s vital to approach loans responsibly, understanding the terms and ensuring timely repayments.


Fezotech loans present an attractive option for those seeking hassle-free and swift financial assistance. With no need for collateral and a straightforward application process, they have garnered a reputation for high approval rates.

Remember to apply responsibly and take advantage of the opportunities Fezotech loans provide.

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