Airtel My Area Data Plan Code to get 20gb for 3000, 40gb for 5000 in 22/2023

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Looking for code to activate Airtel My Area Data Plan to get 20gb for 3000 or 40gb for 5000 naira in 2022 and 2023?

You’ve come across airtel my Area data Plan but don’t know what it is and how it works. In this post, I will answer your questions about this amazing data offer, how to get

  • 20gb for 3000 naira
  • 40gb for 5000 naira

I will also give details on validity period, renewal and many more.

This is an additional opportunity from Airtel Nigeria for both new and existing customers to take advantage of the new astounding offer.

Now, with airtel my Area Plan, 5,000 naira will get you 40GB of data and N3,000 will get you 20GB mobile data.

The subscription code for 40GB data for N5000 and 30GB for N3000 can be found in here in this article. Read on to find out.

How to subscribe for Airtel my Area 40GB for 5000 naira only

The following are steps to subscribe for the 40gb airtel my area data plan with 5000 naira only:

  • The first thing to do is ensure you have up to 5000 naira airtime balance in your line
  • Once you have that, next step is to dial the airtel Area Plan Code *141#*1# or simply *141#
  • From the available options, choose my area data plan
  • Choose the option of 40gb for 5000 naira
  • Airtel will send you confirmation text once your subscription is successful.

The 40gb airtel my area subscription is valid for thirty days. If renewed prior to expiration, the remaining data will rollover to the next month

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Airtel my Area data code to get 20GB for 3000 naira

Also the code for Airtel my Area code for 20GB for 3000 naira is *141#. Follow the instructions below to get it:

The same steps above is valid here also. To enjoy this amazing offer, just follow the steps outlined above.

Also, note that thin plan is valid for 30 days, so make sure you use your data before it expires. Alternatively, you can top it up to extend the validity period.

I think this data plan is good for individuals and businesses which conduct a great deal of online activity.

It will assist you in saving money. Subscribing 1,000 naira data every three days cannot be compared to this incredible offer


Can airtel my Area Data Plan work on 4g or 5g network?

Airtel my Area data Plan just like other tarrifs plans from Airtel is available for use on any of the networks available in your area. You can use it on 3g, 4g and 5g without any additional settings.

Can I rollover my unused airtel Area data?

If you are unable too exhaust your area data plan, you can top it up to extend the validity perion.

If you fail to top it up, your data will expire and stop working.

How can I get Airtel area data?

You can get the airtel my Area data play by following the steps highlighted above. Or simply follow these:

  • Have enough data on your line
  • Dial the airtel my area Plan Code and follow the on screen comments
  • Confirm your purchase is successful
  • Check sms from Airtel to confirm
  • Enjoy


Airtel my Area data plan is an amazing offer for you if you need a lot of data to use daily. Go for it today and enjoy the best from Airtel.

If you have any more questions, please ask them and I’ll get back as soon as possible.


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    1. plwaee how can I check my area data balance , because I did it now , they have removed the 3k for 20g but no sign of the area data plan I did

      Pls how can I confirm its working plssss, what code will I enter to confirm my data

  1. Do they give you the full 20gb for data? Or they split it and have part of it as youtube night data?

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