Access Bank Sort Codes for Branches in Ogun State

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Access Bank is a prominent financial institution with a strong presence across Nigeria, including various branches in Ogun State.

It’s important to know a Bank’s sort codes when initiating financial transactions within or involving the specific branche.

In this guide, we provide a concise list of sort codes for different Access Bank branches situated across Ogun State, facilitating smoother and more accurate transactions.

Sort Codes Overview

Sort codes are unique identification number assigned to individual bank branches. They play a crucial role in directing funds accurately during transactions.

Below is a list of Access Bank sort codes for their branches in Ogun State:

  • 044171461 – Oke Ilewo Abeokuta
  • 044172101 – RCCG Camp Mowe
  • 044172266 – Sango Otta
  • 044172389 – Ilaro
  • 044172428 – Ijebu-Ode
  • 044172473 – Covenant University
  • 044173346 – OOU
  • 044173362 – Akute
  • 044173401 – Ibafo
  • 044172716 – Sagamu

Significance of Sort Codes

Sort codes serve as a crucial component in directing transactions to the precise branch intended, ensuring seamless fund transfers, direct deposits, and other banking activities.

These codes are indispensable in avoiding misdirection of funds and ensuring that financial transactions reach their designated destinations promptly.

How to Use Sort Codes

When initiating transactions or setting up direct deposits, having the accurate sort code for the specific Access Bank branch in Ogun State is essential.

Whether it’s for payroll deposits, wire transfers, or any other financial transaction, including the correct sort code ensures that the funds reach the intended branch swiftly and securely.


Access Bank’s branches in Ogun State cater to the financial needs of individuals and businesses within the region.

Understanding and utilizing the corresponding sort codes streamline financial transactions, ensuring accuracy and efficiency in fund transfers and deposits.

This comprehensive list of sort codes for Access Bank branches in Ogun State aims to assist in facilitating smoother financial dealings for customers and businesses alike.

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