Therefore, if any man be in Christ, he is a new creation; old things have passed away; behold, all things have become new. 2Cor 5:17 NKJV

There is the old creation and there is the new. The old creation is the fallen Adam and the new man is Christ.

 Everyone that is born of a woman shares his part in the Adamic old man, but if any man is so fortunate to be in Christ, the new Man, he too with Him, has become a new creature

A new creation means a new species of life. A creation that is completely different from the rest- different in the heart, different in the soul, different in the spirit; different from what he used to be. A person with a brand new life.

Anyone regardless of tribe or nationality, anyone regardless of religious background is in Christ, he is a new creation.

Regardless of what people know you to be, it does not matter how you have spent your life in the past; it does not matter how sinful you have been, if you will come to Christ now you will become a new creation.

To become a new creature is not a process of years. It’s not a change that takes effect after much fasting and prayer. It is a change that occurs the moment a sinner comes to stay in Christ.

What does it mean to be in Christ? It means to be enclosed in Christ. It means complete surrender of one’s totality to Jesus.

 Being in Christ is not a game of one-leg-in and one-leg-out or a come-and-go thing; it is a complete handing over of one’s life, purpose, desire, ambition etc. all to the Lord.

If anyone is in Christ he is a new creation

The word ‘is’ in that sentence connotes present tense.

 It is only those who are in Christ now that are new creation now. And all things being equal, if anyone is now not in Christ, he or she is not a new creature, old things are not passed away, and nothing has become new.

Some people will tell you that once saved is always saved. Or that if you’ve ones being in Christ you will always or forever be in Christ regardless of anything.

But that’s not true. Otherwise, the Bible would have said if anyone WAS in Christ, he IS… Instead, it says if anyone IS in Christ he IS a new creation. 

Sin is as deadly in the new testament as it was in the old. It also has the power to come between you and God or even remove you from the faith. 

It’s not lack of faith or unbelief but heavenly to rededicate yourself to God. 

It will not be an overemphasis to point to you that the bible does not say the old things will pass away, the old things will soon pass away, or the old things will be passing away. 

The old things absolutely passed away the moment we come to know God. Salvation has never taken place except the old things are passed away.

…all things have become new. This is good news: all sins, all atrocities, all evil you have ever done will be utterly wiped away and forgotten immediately you surrendered to Jesus and you become a new creation.

Benefits of turning to the Lord

The following are some of the changes that will take place immediately a sinner comes to Christ:

  1. Joy will replace sorrow in heaven over such life. There is no joy in heaven over the lives of sinners, but as soon as a sinner accepts the gospel of Jesus, there begins a great joy and celebration in heaven over such life.
  2.     New life replaces natural life. Every one of us was born with a natural life and the natural life cannot inherit the kingdom of God.

But when a sinner surrenders to the Lord he is given a new life in replacement of the natural life.

This new life is the life of Christ. It is the life of a new creation. It is the life that hates sin and loves righteousness. Whoever does not have this new life on earth cannot enter eternal rest in heaven. This new life is the access key to eternal life in heaven.

  1.     Change of record. In heaven, there are books of records. Every work we do, either good or bad, has a record in heaven. 

Now when a sinner comes to Christ to obtain salvation for his soul, his old record is wiped off and a new one is opened for him.

On earth, people may still look at that fellow as a sinner, but in heaven, the changed record is a living proof that he or she is a transformed person. And what God says about you is what matters. 

  1.     Change of heart. The hearts of sinners are stony and wicked, deceptive and stubborn; corrupted and polluted.

Therefore when a sinner becomes a new creation, he’s also given a new heart, a heart that thinks about God, about heaven and whose passion is to obey God’s word.


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